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William Burroughs’ cut-up technique is often cited in cross-cultural studies of DJ culture. Burroughs was fond of quoting “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” 

In a time when almost anything is permissible or credible in music. As far as listening and making music outside the mainstream goes; New Wave, disco, hardcore punk, heavily orchestrated singer-songwriter, Prog rock, lone psych-folk, or jam band – which were discrete categories and opposing forces in in Burroughs day – have all converged in artists like ourselves. You will find this expressed in our music and our DJ Mixes. You will find this juxtaposition in record stores like Other Music, and magazines like The Wire.

By replacing eclecticism with the art of the mix in the ’90s, Experimental DJs and the art of the mix helped make the current pluralistic musical climate possible.

We are standing on the backs of giants in many respects… but, we make Experimental DJ mixes that rely on Experimental Beats.

The idea of a DJ plucking disparate sounds and styles and mixing them together resonated well with the re-evaluation of a labels’ back catalogues via the invention of the CD format, and soon after, file sharing.

The archaic became contemporary, and now that everything ever recorded has becoming available again, the recombinant possibilities are staggering.

We prefer to DJ Digitally so that we can play a mix we have been working on that very morning out live, should we need. Or, we have the capability to play a field recording of something that piqued our interest, captured that very morning. Get in contact with AAMac to see how we can work with you.

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